There’s a lovely video spreading around the internet called Paris / New York, so well done you don’t realize it’s an ad for British Airways until the very end. Of course, it takes on a city duality comparison already heavily explored from Varham Muratyan’s influential illustrated series Paris v. New York: A Tally of Two Cities, to our own Parisians v. New Yorkers live drawing event at the French Embassy with illustrator David Cessac. Time lapse videos in Paris are also popular fare–with Luke Shepard’s groundbreaking one, Le Flâneur, a few years back. But, who doesn’t love a video of Paris and New York City all together? So, here are three! But first, some striking screen shots of the video, via Fubiz.

This Paris / New York video by Franck Matellini is quite similar to the video “Splitscreen” from 3 years back, produced on a Nokia mobile phone by James W. Griffiths comparing New York City to Paris (with an appearance of London):

And finally the Paris versus New York videos:

Also check out some amazing Paris timelapse videos by Luke Shepard