If you’ve been planning to stop by 5Pointz before it fully comes down, you should do so soon. Since our last photographs inside the demolition on October 13th, a significant portion of the main building has come down. Photographer Hans von Rittern captured a phone video of Meres One’s iconic 5Pointz logo come crashing down on Tuesday by a clumsy yet effective crane. Jump to minute 4 for the real damage.

Also yesterday, Untapped Cities editor Laura Itzkowitz snapped a photograph while riding the 7 train, noting “The demolition crew at #5Pointz is not kidding around.”

5 Pointz-Demolition-Laura Itzkowitz-Untapped Cities-Long Island City-Street Art-NYC

Check out what the interior of 5 Pointz looked like two weeks ago mid-demolition, as photographed by an urban explorer crew. Our full archive on 5Pointz here.