5 Pointz-Demolition-Logo-Video-Long Island City-Hans von Rittern-NYCScreenshot from video by Hans von Ritter

If you’ve been planning to stop by 5Pointz before it fully comes down, you should do so soon. Since our last photographs inside the demolition on October 13th, a significant portion of the main building has come down. Photographer Hans von Rittern captured a phone video of Meres One’s iconic 5Pointz logo come crashing down on Tuesday by a clumsy yet effective crane. Jump to minute 4 for the real damage.

Also yesterday, Untapped Cities editor Laura Itzkowitz snapped a photograph while riding the 7 train, noting “The demolition crew at #5Pointz is not kidding around.”

5 Pointz-Demolition-Laura Itzkowitz-Untapped Cities-Long Island City-Street Art-NYC

Check out what the interior of 5 Pointz looked like two weeks ago mid-demolition, as photographed by an urban explorer crew. Our full archive on 5Pointz here.

 5Pointz, Hans von Ritter

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