It’s Halloween! Wearing your costume out in public and to your job is generally frowned upon as unprofessional in the workplace, but I suppose it depends on your job. However, there are plenty of ways to express your spooky, costumed spirit without showing up at the office dressed as a sexy dinosaur.


Okay, the chances of the wearer choosing these shoes based on their stealth-costume potential are admittedly kinda slim—people wear animal-inspired prints all the time without intending them to be a costume, but October does make you view the clothing choices around you in a slightly different light. Is this guest lecturer in goth pirate getup in costume, or does he always dress like that? Is this person heading off to bust some ghosts or do they just like jumpsuits and vacuum cleaners? The general weirdness quotient around here makes it hard to tell even on a normal day, and sometimes asking seems rude and invasive. I think it’s like asking a woman with a protruding stomach when her baby is due—she might be pregnant, but what if she isn’t?

In any case, these gold bee shoes were the highlight of my train journey. I hope the wearer finds a good hive.
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