Further proof that New York City just needs New Yorkers to keep life interesting in the face of The Man, someone turned one end of a subway car into a cardboard apartment this morning, as surfaced on the NYC subreddit.. It’s complete with abstract art, armchair, and lots of graffiti. The Gothamist asserts that they’ve “seen children’s forts built out of Fresh Direct boxes more aesthetically pleasing than this.” The New York Observer thinks it’s an attempt to raise awareness for the city’s homeless, with words like “Empathy” and “You could be me.”

In usual form, the MTA responded with a hard line. Adam Lisberg, head of External Communications at the MTA tells The Gothamist that “I don’t know what the heck it is, but if it impeded any of our 6 million daily customers from getting on a train or finding a seat, it never should have been there in the first place.” and tells The Observer that “I would sure hope that whoever did this prank would have cleaned it up and took it away themselves because it’s a really lousy thing to leave it on the train for our people to have to go through.”

For more formal subway art, check out our series on the Arts for Transit work along each of the city’s subway lines.

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