3. Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Fort Greene is home to several architectural masterpieces. The most famous among these is the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Built in 1909, this Masonic temple is regarded as one of the most beautiful structures in the United States. According to The New York Times, the original intent of this structure was to be a meeting place for the Masons of Brooklyn (hence the name). In 1977, it was then sold to a “clandestine” Mason group. This group couldn’t afford the daunting cost of upkeep, so they rented out the space on a regular basis. The building now serves as a concert venue, “Masonic Boom.” Read more about the Fort Greene Historic District here.

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One thought on “7 Locations to Experience the Masonic History of NYC

  1. peace and Blessings,in April of 1968 our then organization sponsored a ceremonial function at a lodge called BLUE MOROCCO, located on 155th and 8th avenue.What happen to that lodge.

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