Inside Rough Trade in Williamsburg

Whether you’re trying to amass the greatest vinyl library in NYC, looking for a specific gem that your mother used to play for you, or trying to find your favorite artist’s newest record, we’ve got you covered. We’ve sorted through NYC’s most talked about record stores and selected our favorites based on originality and why they stand out.

1. Earwax Records: Survived being bullied around by gentrification

Earwax Records-Williamsburg-Bedford Avenue-NYC-2

Earwax Records is a small but feisty record shop in Williamsburg that has had to move several times due to increasing rents. They’re known for having a plentiful ambient and electro selection, but also lots of afrobeat and Brazilian funk–truly a place for musical discovery. Watch Fabio – Earwax Records, Williamsburg Amoeblog interview to hear the owner complain about gentrification over a great soundtrack.