2. The Who’s YourDaddy DNA Testing Truck

DNA Testing Truck-117th and 1st Avenue-NYC-Who's Your DaddyThe Who’s Your Daddy DNA Testing truck 

Health Street, a DNA testing company, uses two RVs to roam the streets of New York City, seven days a week emblazoned with the conspicuous slogan, “Who’s your Daddy?” Jared Rosenthal, the owner and operator, explains that the privacy provided is inviting to clients. With cosy and comfortable interiors, the “Who’s your Daddy?” truck is far removed from clinical labs. It is this environment, he argues, that allows people to open up and share stories more so than they usually would.

While there are mixed reactions from the general public to the initiative, Rosenthal speaks very seriously about his work. By responding to silent needs, he is delivering an essential yet discreet service. The DNA tests cost between $299 and $575. They require a simple cheek swab from the father and child in question followed by a lab analysis. Results are ready in days.