4. Waverly Inn, 16 Bank Street, Ye Waverly Inn

Waverly Inn on the ground floor of 16 Bank Street boasts a varied history beyond its current incarnation as celebrity hotspot. Multiple generations of one family resided here for roughly half a century from 1845. The four-story building was then sold and its new owner converted the ground level to a neighborhood local liquor store.

Waverly-Inn-Restaurant-Trendy-Bank-West-Village-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata

After swapping owners a few more times, the arrival of Prohibition meant the close of the liquor store. While there were some failed attempts at a rebranded teetotaler general goods store, Ye Olde Waverly Inn & Garden opened in the mid 1930s.

The inn’s signature interior decor was created during this time by artist Paul Piel. Ideally situated for the bohemian Village crowd, the restaurant enjoyed steady lunch business from regulars who came for the $1 chicken potpie, which is the Waverly Inn signature dish up to today. This time though, it starts at $26 with prices rising when made with seasonal specials such as white truffles where a Waverly Inn chicken potpie is around $80.