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“If you find the current state of the world intolerable … if you yearn for a better future
. . . Revolution Books is the place for you.” – Revolution Books

Revolution Books is a little-known Manhattan bookstore on W. 26th Street that carries books on revolutionary thought ranging from science, to culture, to political morality and beyond. The store is beautifully curated and feels really welcoming. Assuming that people are looking for books on strong controversial ideas, the space feels safe and the staff is careful to let their customers know that it’s a “no judgement zone.” Revolution Books is a space for minds to gather and discuss ways to change what is wrong with the world.

We spoke to one of the staff members, who explained that they run on the fuel of people who want to change the world– all they do is provide inspiration in different forms of literature from all different places, eras, and writers. You’ll find everything from Mao’s Little Red Book to collections of pacifist poetry, but they also carry some visual art and film, as well as children’s literature and a wide range of books in Spanish.


SONY DSCAt Chris Hedges’ Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle book launch at Revolution Books, 80 people were packed into the small store. Image via Revolution Books

revolution-books-nyc-untappedImage via Revolution Books

Revolution Books holds readings, forums, screenings, and events almost daily, promoting dialogue between schools of thought. For those interested in radical thought, there’s an even more hidden bookstore in a South Williamsburg loft, where people like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Alan Saret have worked.

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