Macys Parade-2014-Spiderman-NYCPhoto by Matt Heenan

American  Museum of Natural History and NY Historical Society workers get the best view of the Macy’s Parade balloons getting blown up, because the balloons are taking up the street next to them right now. And they’ve been tweeting. Here are photographs from them and other fans who have braved the weather to watch the pre-parade event.

Macys Parade-2014-Thomas Engine-NYC-2Photo by NY Historical Society

Macys Parade-2014-Spongebob Square Pants-NYCPhoto by Diane Dulken

Macy's Parade-Spongebob-NYCImage via Skinny Manhattan

Macys Parade-2014-Snoopy-NYC-2Photo by Matt Heenan

Macys Parade-2014-Snoopy Woodstock-NYCPhoto by Matt Heenan

Macys Parade-2014-NYC-3Photo by Macy’s Parade

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