Holland Tunnel Catwalk Car-Packard NYC

In the Old Images of New York Facebook group today, a member posted this fabulous image of a Holland Tunnel Port Authority police cop in a narrow Packard “catwalk” car that ran along tracks in the tunnel. Doing some research, we discovered this was not the only model for the miniature cars in the tunnel.

Holland Tunnel Catwalk Car-2

The electric catwalk car was launched in 1955. The car was 2 feet wide with a swivel seat, so you could drive in either direction. Push buttons controlled the speed–either 6 or 12 miles per hour, with a 240-volt, 3 horsepower motor. As The New York Times writes “the catwalk car was the fastest, surest way through the tunnel, gliding blithely past the most epic traffic jams — equipped with no horn, because none was needed.”

According to The New York Times, the catwalk car was operational until the spring of 2011 but used a more modernized vehicle.

See vintage photographs about the construction and inner workings of the Holland Tunnel.

 Holland Tunnel, vintage photos

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  1. I remember some tunnels actually had a manned guard booth in mid tunnel. What they actually did all day was anybody’s guess. As I recall it was actually a rare sight to spot a guard there. They used these electric cars to get to their post.

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