The Greek Gods In New York-Untapped Cities-Boo Patterson-Art-NYCAtlas & Rivington by Boo Patterson

Boo Paterson, founder of online magazine Boo York City is an international news reporter and frequent contributor to Untapped Cities. She is also an artist whose work is inspired heavily by her many years living in NYC. We recently came across some of her latest work, a series titled The Greek Gods in New York. The paper cutout artwork combines the mythology of ancient Greece, where Gods stood tall over humanity and the buildings of NYC that do the same.

The Greek Gods in New York-Untapped Cities-Art-Boo Patterson-NYCEros & Delancey by Boo Paterson

Paterson has held an interest in both ancient Greek narratives and NYC architecture since childhood. In her piece Atlas & Rivington (pictured above) the titan Atlas does not hold up the globe, but a tenement building. While minimalist in style, Paterson makes sure to feature familiar aspects of the tenement buildings of the Lower East Side: the water tower on the roof, the laundry getting dried by the chilly winds of spring. The woman, said to be Paterson herself, and Atlas on the bottom right, hold it all together, but it could all come tumbling down at any moment.

The work was inspired by Paterson’s earlier experiences in NYC; her other works showcase various parts of NYC architecture such as the Williamsburg Bridge in Eros & Delancey; the project buildings on Avenue D in Hermes & Riis, and the perfect mixture of classic and modern architecture that can be found on The Avenue of The Americans in Sisyphus & 6th Grey. Paterson purposely doesn’t put the full names of the streets in her titles, excluding the “St.” and “Ave” titles, for living in NYC for so long she knows that we never bother addressing streets and avenues by their full names.

The Greek Gods In New York-Untapped Cities-NYC-Art-Boo PattersonSisyphus & 6th Grey by Boo Paterson

Paterson has plans to continue her series and expand it to other cities like Paris and London. If you would like to have one of these babies donning your living room wall, you can purchase a lazer printed version of the artwork via her website Boo York City.

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