Ah, early December. It’s dark. It’s cold. There is slush falling from the sky. Somehow, this is worse than the frigidity of the true depths of winter—our bodies haven’t had time to acclimate to these new and terrible conditions yet. These are hard times, my friends. This is the era of clicking “no” on an event invitation after glancing out the window. This is the time of blanket nests and Netflix.

If you absolutely must leave your living space, the best way to protect yourself from the elements is to recreate the conditions of being wrapped in a blanket on your couch. Sadly, this is both impossible and socially unacceptable, but on a smaller scale completely achievable with a good scarf. It should be soft, warm, and so voluminous that it resists being held down by your coat. The resulting pouf of scarf will keep your face toasty and remind you that soon you can go home and make the rest of your shivering body as comfortable.


This person has performed this maneuver admirably. Her scarf is enormous, wooly, and looks like it’s made out of lumberjacks. The rest of her outfit is black, a choice I respect, but the exposed knees and ankles are a serious tactical error for this weather. The sharp, shiny shoes are a fantastic counterpoint to the scarf, though—like adding salt to chocolate.

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