The holidays are upon us, which means you are probably stressing out over what gifts to get your parents, kids, life partners and not to mention the office Secret Santa, which you joined against your better judgement. Well put your mind at ease dear reader; we here at Untapped have a selection of awesome items for that one person spending their first Holidays in NYC or for all of us who love this crazy, wonderful city of ours and want to have just another little piece of it in our lives.

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1. Adopt-a-Building at the Queens Museum

You may not be able to get your partner the apartment or house of their dreams here in NYC, but the Queens Museum can get you the next best thing. A donation to the museum can get you a deed to one of the many buildings or commercial estates inside the enormous and glorious model of the city housed in the museum. With adopting a building you may provide the museum with a message that will be placed on the museums website. 

2. Make Your Own Water Tower

While it might be a dream of many to have a water tower on a New York rooftopBoundless Brooklyn has fun customize-your-own mini water towers through 100% recyclable kits you can get online. They’re lasercut in Brooklyn from chipboard and can be painted using acrylics, which a lot of NYC street artists have done.

3. The Union Square Cafe Cookbook

For almost 30 years Danny Meyer’s Union Square Cafe has offered great dishes to the LES community, becoming one of the cities most popular restaurants. By the end of next year, the Cafe will be moving from its location at 21 East 16th street to a new location, being one of many businesses to have to re-locate due to rising rents. For those of us who have grown up with the Cafe just a few blocks or train stops away, this new book, The Union Square Cafe Cookbook by Meyer and co-writer/chef Michael Romano is perfect for those who love to cook and to cook as many new dishes as possible.

4. Chocolate Egg Cream Candle by Katz’s Deli

Everyone loves Katz’s Famous Delicatessen, over 125 years old, known around the world for its famous pastrami sandwiches and for that iconic Meg Ryan moment in When Harry Met SallyIt’s always a debate on what sandwich is best: Katz’s pastrami or Ruben, Turkey or Corn Beef, but there should be no debate on the best beverage. It’s of the few places in the city that still sells classic egg creams and now you can have the small in candle form with Katz’s chocolate egg cream candle.

5. Banksy In New York

We wrote about Ray Mock a.k.a Carnage NYC‘s book about Banksy’s 2013 residency, Banksy in New York, a few months ago, and we stand by it being one of the best Banksy books we have come across in ages. Mock’s knowledge of the NYC graffiti culture and critical overview of Banksy’s work here made this a great read, with incredible photographs. Mock has released a hardcover version for the graffiti enthusiast in your life. The hardcover edition comes with everything in the previous version, plus 20 photos, 20 illustrations; a new preface written by Brooklyn Street Art’s Jamie Rojo and Steven P. Harrington, as well as a 6×4 photo print autographed by Mock himself.

6. NYC Subway Map Wallet

The NYC Subway Map is as iconic as the trains that travel throughout its many tunnels and bridges. With this subway map wallet, you won’t need that free digital app of the NYC subway map. Dynomighty also has tons of other fun travel-oriented wallets.

7. Café Grumpy One Year Subscription

Café Grumpy is one of the most popular coffee spots in NYC. For the coffee addict, how about getting them a one year subscription to Cafe Grumpy’s delicious, carefully sourced coffee beans.

8. Tour of the Woolworth Building

For 2015, we’re bringing back our perpetually sold out Woolworth Building tour.  The Woolworth Building is one of New York City’s most famous off-limits landmarks. Though its Byzantine, cathedral-like interior of glass tesserae and marble is landmarked, security concerns after 9/11 rendered it closed to only those that worked in the skyscraper, once the tallest in the world.

We’ve worked with Woolworth Tours, a company founded by Helen Post Curry, the great-grand daughter of the building’s architect, Cass Gilbert to curate tours of the building lobby and basement level specifically tailored for our discerning readership here at Untapped Cities. In addition to a guided visit through the spectacular lobby, visitors will also see the basement level where the bank vault is located and where the former entrances to the subway are. Get your tickets for our January, February or March tours here and below.

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9. Abandoned NYC Book by Will Ellis

Abandoned NYC-Will Ellis-Pre-Order-Untapped Cities

On January 28th, Untapped Cities writer and founder Will Ellis of Abandoned NYC will release his eponymous book, Abandoned NYC showcasing NYC’s hauntingly abandoned locations. Pre-ordering the book gets you an autographed copy and an 8×10 photograph. We’ll be hosting a talk with the launch of his book on February 4th at the speakeasy The Red Room in the East Village. Get your free tickets here:

10. NYC Cut Map

Handmade, with only three materials (stainless steel, metal and the frame) this laser cut map of NYC is a great addition for your living room or work desk. Toy designer Dan Linden takes great pride in his work and has other maps of various cities for any friends or families who live out of town.

11. City Walks New York

Has this ever happened to you? “So, what do you want to do today?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do today?” And back and forth. City Walks New York by author Christina Henry de Tessan offers curated walking tours covering some of the city’s best kept secrets.

12. City Landmark Vinyl Macbook Stickers by Macstix

Macstix Empire State Building-Vinyl Sticker-Mac

Want to personalize your Macbook but keep the clean, simple aesthetic of the laptop? Try these great stickers from Macstix, which come in not only city landmarks like Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower but also fun designs like a banana, lightning, triangle and more. All play with the Apple light, but changing the shape to fit your personality.