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Brooklyn-based French photographer Franck Bohbot has a new series New York Light On that features the storefronts of New York City that illuminate the dark streets at night. No stranger to photographing New York (the photographer also released a series on Chinatown earlier this year), New York Light On features some of the most iconic NYC storefronts. 

New-York-Light-On-Franck Bohbot-Untapped Cities-NYC-La Esquina-LESThe Corner Deli

New-York-Light-On-Franck Bohbot-Untapped Cities-NYC-Sunshine TheatreSunshine Cinema on Houston Street

From the many images found on Fubiz, we saw landmarks like Katz’s Deli, the Sunshine Theatre and Radio City Music Hall, mixed with neighborhood favorites like Soup ‘n’ Burger, Two Boots Pizza and La Esquina. We also love the inclusion of some of Times Square’s peep shows, pushed further west of course, contrasted with new signage like “SKATE” in Manhattan. There’s an almost ethereal quality to the photographs through long exposure that differ from the more typical sharp contrast photographs in previous series we’ve seen of neon signage at night.

New-York-Light-On-Franck Bohbot-Untapped Cities-NYC-Soup n BurgerSoup ‘n’ Burger 

New-York-Light-On-by-Franck-Bohbot-1 (1)Radio City Music Hall

New-York-Light-On-Franck Bohbot-Untapped Cities-NYC-Papaya DogPapaya Dog

New-York-Light-On-by-Franck-Bohbot-Times Square-Peep Show

New-York-Light-On-by-Franck-Bohbot-Brooklyn Diner-Midtown-57th StreetUSA Brooklyn Diner on 57th Street

New-York-Light-On-by-Franck-Bohbot-JoyceJoyce Theater 19th Street and 8th Avenue

New-York-Light-On-by-Franck-Bohbot-Skate-Brooklyn Bridge Park

New-York-Light-On-by-Franck-Bohbot-Peep Show World-Times Square

New-York-Light-On-by-Franck-Bohbot-Rays Pizza

See more photos on Franck Bohbot’s website. See more photography on neon signage in our coverage of New York Neon by Thomas Rinaldi and Project Neon by Kristen Hively.

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