It’s been a fun year for “untapped” quirky news, and our readers proved to us the range of their urban interests, from abandoned locales, hidden restaurants, judgmental maps, urban planning projects to street art. Here are the top 10 articles on Untapped Cities in 2014!

10. 5 Urban Planning Projects That Will Change The Bronx

If we were the betting kind, we’d wager that soon people will be saying that the Bronx is the new Brooklyn. Or the new whatever is the latest neighborhood. Untapped Cities readers proved they’re ahead of the curve with the popularity of this policy article about 5 big urban planning projects in the Bronx.

9. Photos of all 31 Days of Banksy’s NYC Residency, “Better Out Than In” and Map of Locations

Banksy put New York City in a tizzy in October 2013 with his residency, Better Out Than In. We mapped the locations and collected all 31 day of his pieces.

8. 9 Restaurants in NYC To Get Unlimited Food and Drink Deals

With the closing of iconic spot Silk Road Palace, we set our sights beyond just unlimited drinks deals. Amazingly, these 9 spots in NYC offer either unlimited food or drinks. We’re still waiting for the place that does both…

7. 20 Abandoned Places in NYC: Asylums, Hospitals, Power Plants, Islands, Forts

Abandonment goes beyond subway stations in New York City. In this comprehensive roundup of 20 abandoned places, we check out asylums, hospitals, power plants, islands, forts and more.

6. And There’s a New Judgmental Map of NYC!

As New Yorkers, we can’t resist a chance to be snarky. This Judgmental Map of NYC by Joe Larson brought in repeated laughs.

5. Abandoned NYC Takes Us into Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital on Long Island

Untapped Cities columnist Will Ellis of the Abandoned NYC has been busy this year. Besides writing for us, he’s worked on this video series which took readers into an abandoned psychiatric hospital on Long Island. In February, he’ll be launching his published book, Abandoned NYC. Join us for the launch at a book talk with Will in the East Village speakeasy, The Red Room. Get your free tickets here:

4. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Manhattan (For Design Buffs)

Readers have been looking for where to get great coffee in the midst of great design. Our Top 10 Coffee Shops in NYC (For Design Buffs) does just that.

3. 7 of NYC’s Abandoned Subway Stations

Abandonment continues to fascinate, particularly when it’s the New York City subway system. Many of these abandoned stations can be seen on your regular commute.

2. Top 10 Hidden Restaurants in NYC

There’s something hidden behind the “Employees Only” door at Le Esquina .This was just the first 10, next year expect many more hidden bars and restaurants as we wrap up a book project exactly on these culinary gems. See our 2014 picks here.

1. The Top 10 Secrets of Grand Central Terminal

Guess what’s wrong with the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal? The fascination with New York City’s landmarked transit hub continues, and we updated this top 10 list of secrets with a bonus this year.

Check out the 2013 Top 10 list and Stay tuned for The Non-Listicle Top 10 Articles of 2014!