Matt Taylor-Manhattan Only Accessed by Car-NYC

A highway engineer from Vancouver has done some serious math to calculate how many bridges would be needed in Manhattan if it could only be accessed by car. The result: it would need 48 additional 8 lane bridges. The Manhattan bridge has 7 vehicular lanes, 3 subway lanes, a walkway and a bikeway. By Matt Taylor’s calculations, 2.06 million enter and exit Manhattan daily, but only 16% currently drive by personal vehicle.

You can see the breakdown of his calculations on Taylor’s website, where he also muses on the additional parking that would be necessary to accommodate so any cars. His conclusion is that it would require an underground level a little bit larger than the whole size of Manhattan to accommodate them.

So let’s just all be thankful for the MTA today (for once). And let’s not forget the wacky plan to cover 44 blocks of midtown Manhattan with a “Dream” airport.

h/t/ Architizer via Vox.

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