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First of all, there’s a Lego Museum Break-In Set. That’s pretty cool and sufficiently art nerdy for us here at Untapped Cities. But what’s even better is that the J. Paul Getty Museum’s Director of Security, Bob Combs, actually tested the set, and wrote a blog post about it. Inside the museum, the treasures up for grabs include a blue diamond, a painting that looks like a Vermeer, a golden sword, a gold nugget, and other antiquity. Amazingly, all those priceless objects fit into the City Museum which looks to be practically the size of the armored police vehicle.

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As Comb writes:

I conducted a security assessment of this museum and discovered that the “precious objects” are only marginally secured. I’d recommend to this museum’s staff to use some sturdy mounts with tamper-proof fasteners and perhaps some alarm sensors.

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The museum in question has an easily accessible skylight that appears not to be locked or alarmed, and the two thieves also come equipped with handy rope to assist them in their endeavor. Conveniently, LEGO® vines growing on the outside of the museum provide handgrips the thieves can use in climbing up to the skylight. Also of concern is the lack of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) coverage.

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On the plus side Comb finds that there are red laser beams that protect the front door. He ends wondering if there’s some kind of double-cross going on because the police vehicle only has room for one criminal.

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