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Ben Wellington from I Quant NY is at it again, with a map of the oldest place to drink in every New York City neighborhood. Because Wellington is using New York State’s Open Data on liquor licenses, the results vary from our popular list of 10 of the oldest surviving bars in NYC.

Wellington found that the oldest license on record is from 1933, belonging to the private Harmonie Club on the Upper East Side. The oldest beer license is at Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island and the oldest liquor license is located at North End Wine and Liquor in the Bronx. He notes that while some classics did emerge from this analysis–Sevilla, Blarney Stone, The Palm–others like the Ear Inn and McSorley’s don’t appear because they don’t have an original issue date on file for the license or the bar changed ownership.  And as Wellington notes, “of course, anything pre-Prohibition will get automatically reset.”

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2 thoughts on “Fun Maps: The Oldest Place to Drink in Every NYC Neighborhood

  1. Good idea, but using the underlying NY St data is flawed.
    As you know, “the oldest” is always subject to many claims and errors – espec. in NYC.
    Any word on when Chumley’s, ca1922 will re-open?
    Closed since it collapsed in 2007.
    Love your posts!

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