10. The Hidden Gold Arcade of Midtown NYC

In the Diamond District on 47th Street is a mid-block passageway, the Plaza Arcade, featuring almost predominantly gold shops. See more here.

9. Miniature Fairy Doors Are Popping Up All Over NYC

Fans of Cynthia von Buhler’s Speakeasy Dollhouse show put up more than 150+ miniature fairy doors in NYC this year. See more here.

8. Is This the Smallest Door in the NYC Subway?

NYC Subway-MTA-Tiny-Smallest Door-Columbus Circle-1 Train-Broadway-NYC

This adorable door in the 60th Street and Broadway subway entrance to Columbus Circle has been making us smile for a while now. Could it be the smallest door in the NYC subway system? Read more here.

7. Nap Pods in the Empire State Building

Photo via Metropod

There used to be an entire floor of “nap pods” in the Empire State Building. At MetroNaps on the 24th floor, tired New Yorkers could kick back in a space-ship-like chair to catch some much-needed zzz’s in twenty minute intervals. Read more about it here.

6. What Is the Shortest Street in Manhattan?

Mill Lane-NYC Shortest Streets-Financial District-Wall Street-Stone Street-NYC

A look at the shortest streets in NYC. Find out which won here.

5. The Empire State Building Zeppelin Docking Station

There were plans for a docking station on the Empire State Building but did it ever host a zeppelin? Find out here.

4. Parody Ads for “Dad Academy” in the NYC Subway

Dad Academy-Kroll Show-NYC Subway-C-CZAR-Turning Lads into Dads-You Did the Need Now Be the Dad-001

Nick Kroll from Comedy Central was at it again. You might recall the parody Dr. Zizmor ads for puppy face lifts he did exactly a year ago in the NYC subway. See more here.

3. The 7 Line Subway Entrance to Nowhere in Manhattan

Subway Entrance Station to Nowhere-7 Line-Main Street-Flushing Times Square-Extension-West Side 57th-10th

This Banksy-like find was discovered by Rembert Browne last year on 57th Street and 10th Avenue, nowhere near the 7 line. Find out why.

2. Where Are the 22 Eagles of Original Penn Station?

There were 22 original eagles on the original Penn Station and that at least 14 still exist. Here’s where they are.

1.  Secret Train Platform Underneath the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC

We’re not surprised this is your #1 favorite Daily What?!. This secret train platform, supposedly used by FDR, General Pershing and maybe even Andy Warhol is so popular, it also figures in our Top 10 Secrets of Grand Central Terminal.