From NYC to France with Love-Brooklyn Bridge-Je Suis Charlie-NYC

So this is awesome. Two snowmen sitting on the Brooklyn side of the bridge–one American with a tricorner hat, holding a firecracker and American flag. The other with your French stereotypes, yes, but it’s pretty cute nonetheless–baguettes, mustache, striped scarf and French bread. Created by Snowmen of NY, sourced from imgur, the comments on the photo entitled “From NYC to France with Love” are just as priceless as the photo. Our favorite, “That’s a fucking huge baguette.”

The real story behind these snowmen? They’re miniature! Made on a concrete plinth above the ground, close to the camera (as explained by this other imgur image):

From NYC to France with Love-Brooklyn Bridge-Je Suis Charlie-NYC-2

Reminds us of the time that Paris built a temporary memorial in the shape of the Twin Towers writing, “The French will Never Forget.” Also check out the moving New Yorker cover being released this week in honor of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and have a look inside an editorial meeting in the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in 2012.

 Brooklyn Bridge, Charlie Hebdo, Je Suis Charlie

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