Monday January 12th

New York City speakeasy, The Back Room, hosts its weekly Lucky’s Lounge Mondays, an evening of free live jazz from the Prohibition era featuring Svetlana and the Delancey Five. Swing dancers usually show up impromptu. Starts at 9pm.

Tuesday January 13th

The Skyscraper Museum is hosting the talk “Pedestrian Modern: Shopping and American Architecture 1925-1956” on how the design for places of consumption—stores and shopping centers—informed emerging modernist ideas. Take the chance to view the exhibit Times Square, 1984 when the gallery opens at 6pm. Talk at 7pm. RSVP to programs[at]skyscraper[dot]org.

The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies presents “Trashy History,” a free lecture at The Bedford that delves through the depths of the dump to bring you a history of trash. The evening’s lectures include: A History of Trash in NYC, Toilets through the Ages, and Public Sanitation and Hygiene in Ancient Rome.

Wednesday January 14th

A cultural adventure paired with a photo hunt in this iPhoneography workshop by Roberta Fineberg. Wednesday’s event focuses on the Greek and Roman Galleries in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Thursday January 15th

Historical Forest Hills Cinema Cinemart Studio is struggling but managed to secure it’s first ever first-run film, American Sniper. The 5-screen theater dates to 1927. The film will be screened on January 15th at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm and includes free popcorn and a drink, with refills. Screenings will continue daily until the Oscars.

Friday January 16th

You may remember the supper club using expired (but perfectly edible) food in a reclaimed dumpster. Salvage Supperclub is back, but since it’s winter will be at Ascent Contemporary Projects. As always, all proceeds go to a food-related charity, this time to City Harvest, and it’s all about re-educating New Yorkers about food. Tickets here.

The squash tournament, the JP Morgan Tournament of Champions returns to take over Grand Central Terminal again. Even if you don’t like squash, the transformation of the main hall into a sports arena is pretty unique.

The New York Adventure Club will host a free guided tour of the 26th Police Precinct in Manhattan, timely given the latest brush-up regarding the NYPD.

Saturday January 17th

The Untapped Cities behind-the-scenes tour of the Woolworth Building is sold out already, but you can join us again on February 19th and March 21st. Get tickets here.

Sunday January 18th

The rodeo is coming to Madison Square Garden for two days. This is the last day, but the event starts on the 16th.

Check out our upcoming Untapped Cities events including tours of the Woolworth Building and the launch of the book Abandoned NYC by Untapped Cities writer Will Ellis!

 Top 10 NYC Events

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