Brooklyn-Gowanus-Smith-9th-St-Bridge-Kentile-Floors-Art-Vanderbilt-Republic-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata The Smith-9th Street Bridge as “Spectrum II” from George Del Barrio, Vanderbilt Republic

From tonight until January 23rd, the Smith-9th Street bridge transforms from its typical concrete structure to a background of colorful pattern. A half-mile wide and 90-feet tall “photographic monument” drenches the bridge as George Del Barrio, of creative agency Vanderbilt Republic, and San Francisco-based Colin Bowring, “Spectrum II” project a beam of lights on the concrete bridge.

Rather than a static arrangement, “Spectrum II” is re-created each night, as new patterns and colors make for a dynamic work of art. Using colored gels and motion, the artists create a piece of constant change. The lights themselves project from the nearby Gowanus Loft, also run by Vanderbilt Republic.

NYC-Brooklyn-Gowanus-Smith-Subway-Bridge-Vanderbilt-Republic-Art-Untapped CIties-Nasha VirataGeorge Del Barrio, Vanderbilt Republic

“Spectrum II” is on view every night until January 23rd after sundown. Exact times vary but expect to see it around 7 to 10 pm. While viewers can head over to get a street-level sighting, the bridge itself is used by the F and G lines, giving commuters a change of scenery from above ground.

“Spectrum II” is, as expected, the second in a series of art installations by the two artists. The first involved the now-gone Kentile Floors sign.  They expect to continue the project so we’re keeping an eye out for their next change to the urban landscape.

On a visit, don’t miss the nautical maps that adorn the renovated Smith-9th Street station and note that it’s the highest station in the NYC subway system.