Gustav Eiffel Apartment-Paris-Eiffel Tower-Vintage Photographs

We previously published about Gustav Eiffel’s fabulous apartment inside the Eiffel Tower, with a modern-day image but Messy Nessy just surfaced some vintage photographs of the shabby chic apartment where he entertained guests like Thomas Edison. The photographs were taken by the “Neurdein brothers” the official photographers of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris. Here is a link to more of the images of the apartment which was on the fourt floor (285 meters above the ground, reads the caption).

At 290 meters above the ground, Eiffel also had a gazebo (known as a belvedere in French).

Gustav Eiffel Apartment-Paris-Eiffel Tower-Vintage Photographs-2

Read more about the secrets of the Eiffel Tower here.

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  1. I am fascinated by La Tour Eiffel, even more so because not one of the three hundred constructors was killed! (I am aware of a man’s death nearby).

    I am even more interested by the apartment, which I understand contains AGE’s bedroom.

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