All stills courtesy Comedy Central

The gals of Broad City are back, providing a refreshing anti-dote to Girls. Last season, we charted the NYC film locations of the show and dug into some hard-to-find spots requested by readers of Untapped Cities. Keep checking back regularly as we add new locations as new episodes come in. Bonus: Many of the locations have video clips too!

St. Mark’s Place

For Abbi’s birthday, Alana takes her to the Japanese restaurant Kenka’s on St. Mark’s Place, which as shown, does always have a line. On the street, they experience all the weirdest incidents the two could probably think up, and inside the restaurant they run into ex-theater friends, from whom they have to stage an escape. Alana gets her bag of gifts stolen, leading them on a chase and finally back to St. Mark’s, where they sit on the sidewalk eating a pizza, reminiscing on the past year and plans for the next, underneath a comforter.