Bleecker Street Subway Station

In the opening scene, like many New Yorkers, the girls are running to catch the subway. They run through the Bleecker Street station, home to a great piece of MTA subway art, and high five when they make it onto a subway. They try to make it to the back car (getting squashed in the face by the crowds) and discover that en route the subway is full of people breaking subway etiquette, cutting toe nails, trimming hair, eating a massive sub, hogging the poles, displaying PDA and sexually harassing people. Another car has break dancers, and another is empty but smells horrible with a pile of human poop. In the last car, they encounter it full of Hasidic Jewish men, and on the way out Alana hits one in the ass.

One blip is that they end the ride at Grand Central, which is not on the B/D/F/M line.


Battling the summer heat, they head into Top Shop/Top Man in SoHo. They chat about Colin Farrell’s sex tape in the dressing rooms (which have amazing lighting) among other choice topics, realizing while leaving that there is a group of kids and their moms outside.