The High Line

Still courtesy Comedy Central

After Alana screws up while she and Abbi are working coat check at a charity event and Kelly Ripa’s coat disappears, the two girls reconnect about the situation with the High Line and Chelsea Market, the former Nabisco factory in the background. Abbi feels that returning the coat to Ripa’s apartment will be an “opportunity of a lifetime,” thanks to the fact that Abbi is “such a bobo.” Soon after, they discover empty lounge chairs, which is indeed, a total rarity on the High Line and then go on an expedition to find the coat, leading them to run into orgies and more.

McCarren Park

While at the charity event, Alana bails after meeting Adele, a woman she makes eye contact with coming out of the bathroom. The next day, Alana and Abbi meet Adele in McCarren Park.