By day, Charles Leval is an artist and teacher in Paris. In his spare time, he’s a street artist that goes by the name Levalet and has been adding some humor onto the streets of Paris since at least 2012. Often using objects already embedded into walls, his wheat paste works plays on the architecture of the streets themselves. While this style of work inevitably draws comparison to Banksy, he also institutes an almost still-life like method, perhaps from his training as an artist, by inserting found objects into his scenes from books, umbrellas, pool cues, wine glasses to even an electric piano. Others pieces have a time lapse nature to them.

We’ve gone through the entire archive of Levalet’s work on his website and selected many that made us smile. There’s even an impressive one done behind a layer of glass to feel like a human aquarium.

h/t Colossal. Also check out the top 10 street art murals of 2014, as well as street art trucks.

 Levalet, Street Art

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