NYC abounds in its wealth of iconic museums, obscure museums and more. Which takes the prize for aging gracefully against the test of time? Discover the ten oldest museums in New York City in our list below.

1. The New-York Historical Society (1804)

annabrown_untappedcities_historicalsocietyPhoto by The New York Historical Society via the Hathi Trust Digital Library

The New-York Historical Society Museum and Library, founded in 1804, takes the title of oldest museum in New York City. The Society changed locations eight times until 1902, when construction began on its present building on 170 Central Park West. The photo above shows the Society’s building in 1908. See past exhibits and events at the NYHS.

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  1. Shouldn’t the first one read “New-York Historical Society”? It’s so old, they still use the hyphen.

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