I’m really getting tired of drawing pictures of coats and scarves. February is a bleak purgatory of dirty snow and frozen sidewalks. By August I’ll be longing for the opportunity to illustrate some fancy coats and outerwear again, but right now I’m happy for anything to break the monotonous parade of knit hats, layers of scarves, and winter-weary scowls. But the end is nigh! Soon the ice will thaw and uncover all the frozen garbage hidden within, like ancient mummies surfacing from a bog.

So I’ll take sartorial variety anywhere I can get it these days. Capes, while not that uncommon, are still dramatic enough to be notable when seen out in the wild. Pastel hair and ombres were both really popular this summer, but haven’t been on display so much lately since everyone’s hair has been hidden under hats and hate. It was refreshing to catch a seafoam-green ombre in the middle of winter, like getting hit with a gust of warm salty air right from the ocean.

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