Using the app Timera, New Yorker Dan Kafalas (who previously contributed a photograph to our Top 10 Secrets of the Chrysler Building piece), melds vintage photographs with images from the same locations in present day New York City. Over the past couple weeks, Kafalas went on assignment for us to capture these shots of iconic locations in the city, including Grand Central Terminal, Washington Square Arch, the Manhattan Bridge, and Union Square, along with quaint streets like Charles Street in Greenwich Village and Varick Street in Tribeca. Take a look below for more:

Manhattan-Bridge-NYC-1908_2014-001Manhattan Bridge

Union-Square-NYC-1939Union Square

Grace-Church-NYC-1900_2015Grace Church on Broadway with former AT Stewart Department Store where a hydrogen balloon once took off the roof, when the store become Wanamaker’s

Varick-Street-NYC-1915Varick Street

Washington-Square-Arch-NYC-1901Washington Square Arch

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