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Somehow we missed this one. Thrillist had a Fun Map of most popular dog breeds by neighborhood recently, based on rankings from the American Kennel Club. Biggest discovery: French Bulldogs, which seem everywhere, are particularly prevalent in New York City, but not in the rest of the country, where it didn’t even make the top 5. But here in NYC, the top 5 breeds are:

1. French Bulldog: From Chelsea, Tribeca, FiDi, East Village, Murray Hill to Park Slope, it’s pretty hard to not see a French Builldog it seems
2. Bulldog: 2013’s #1 breed, Astoria remains a stronghold
3. Labrador Retriever: Head to the UWS for the faithful Lab
4. German Shepherd: Staten Island is the new frontier of urban development, and the habitat of the German Shepherd it seems
5. Golden Retriever

Is anybody surprise that little dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are the most popular in the Upper East Side and Riverdale? Read on for a nightclub for dogs that’s in NYC and a social club for dogs.

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