Abandoned Bergen Street Lower Level-Subway Station-Brooklyn-NYC-002

In Brooklyn, an abandoned level below the Bergen Street station is a favorite spot for urban explorers, one of many New York City subway stations that have abandoned platforms. Renovations to the station, which serves the F and G trains, in the early 1990s damaged the lower platform, which had been used from time to time over the course of the station’s existence since 1933. Silver doors on the upper level conceal open staircases that go down to the lower level.

Abandoned Bergen Street Lower Level-Subway Station-Brooklyn-NYC

While many of the signs have been taken by urban explorers, one key piece of signage left shows how Bergen was abbreviated into Bergn. Urban explorer @Vic.Invades tells us of his experience down below: “The station was so cold to the point where you can see icicles frozen in time on the ceiling. You can also hear the civilians above you laughing and talking about whatever they experienced that day, while I lingered below in an empty, filthy, abandoned station. As I was down below there was a work train just sitting at the other end. You can’t really see it because it was above the incline that leads you into the station.”

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3 thoughts on “Inside the Abandoned Bergen Street Lower Level Subway Platform in Brooklyn

  1. As far as I know, renovations did not “damage” the lower level; it simply was not renovated because it was not in use. The fire in 1999 was what actually caused extensive damage and rendered it unusable.

  2. I’m interested to know one thing: I know that some of the tracks still have trains that run through them from the upper level, but are there any sets of tracks down there that are absolutely discontinued? I realize there are images above showing the photographer standing in the tracks, but I don’t know if it was risky photographing or if those tracks were absolutely safe to stand on.

    1. The lower level express tracks are used for revenue service only when F trains are running express because of a General Order or other service disruption. Work trains or other non-revenue trains can use them anytime.

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