4. The Second Avenue Subway Line

With ridership among the Lexington Avenue Line (4,5,6 trains) at a staggering 1.3 million daily, the Second Avenue Subway would provide commuters with a convenient, and less overcrowded alternative to Manhattan’s East Side and beyond. The future subway line will consist of the rerouted Q train and newly designed T train which will run from the 125 Street – Lexington Avenue Subway Station to a newly designed station located at Hanover Square.
Since the late 1920s, a proposal for a subway line along the 2nd Avenue strip of Manhattan seemed more like a rumor than reality. As of late, it seems as those rumors have been finally put to rest. Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway Line, between 96th Street and 63rd Street, began construction in April 2007 and have cost $4.4 billion dollars. Phase 1 is projected to be completed around December 2016, but many feel this date is unlikely. Also, it was recently confirmed by MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast that expanding the Second Avenue Subway beyond Phase 1 would be impossible currently due to the lack of funding.