AINT WET-Guerilla Street Art Marketing-NYC-001
No, you didn’t read that wrong. AINT WET is a guerrilla marketing campaign for the rather bizarre clothing company of the same name run by one Abraham El Makaw. Over the last few months, we’ve come across a few of the signage he’s posted all over the city. His Instagram account, also the official AINT WET account, has a penchant for dead birds, dead fish, roaches, dead rats and marsupials, often smoking cigarettes amidst found trash. Nothing is beyond the limit, with two bottles of pee photographed to mark his 24 hours spent underground.

AINT WET-Guerilla Street Art Marketing-NYC-003
Besides the AINT WET signs above ground and in the subway system, he’s also been posting parody MTA announcement posters reminiscent of Puck Works’ Lord of the Rings posters (though not everything is spelled right in this case). Last summer, AINT WET had a stall at 481 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook where he seems to have been silkscreening the tees sold.
All that being said, we’re not really quite sure what to make of it all but the AINT WET signage is pretty clever, nonetheless.