Space Invader-International Space Station-Photo-Samantha CristoforettiPhoto: ESA-NASA

Now that we see it, there could be nothing more fitting than seeing a Space Invader street art piece in the International Space Station. As reported by City Lab, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (@astrosamantha) posted the above photograph yesterday.

Space Invader-International Space Station-Photo-Samantha Cristoforetti-5Photo: ESA-NASA

French street artist Invader has been trying to get one of his creations onto the ISS for years. This piece, named “Space2” was sent up aboard the ATV, powered by an Ariane rocket and waited for several months in zero gravity before it received its final “position.”

Space Invader-International Space Station-Photo-Samantha Cristoforetti-4Photo: ESA-NASA

As City Lab reports, Invader had a friend inside the European Space Agency and convinced the organization to “accept one of his alien-themed mosaics, subject it to rigorous tests, put it a sealed baggie, and blast it into the stars.” Invader writes on his website,

I never thought that the Space Invaders project would one day take me so high! What looked like an unattainable dream has come true. Space2 is the first Space Invader placed aboard a spaceship in the middle of astronauts floating weightless, with the earth and the universe in the background. Art, Science, space conquest, invasion, a big step!

Space Invader-International Space Station-Photo-Samantha Cristoforetti-3Photo: ESA-NASA

Check out a fun map of Invader’s takeover of New York City in 2013.

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