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When you Google Cafe Tibet, you may see that it seems to be located literally at the Cortelyou subway stop in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. That’s because it is, and it perches off a building atop the exposed platform and tracks below. The whole restaurant seats just 14 people inside, but in warmer months an awning retracts and 8 guests can sit outside with a view to the Q train below.

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While it used to be much more functionally decorated before, a renovation inside makes Cafe Tibet feel like a cosy, whole-in-the-wall escape to some kind of time portal mashup between Tibet and New York City. Paper lanterns hang from the ceiling, inspirational decor and sculptures are on the wall, along with a rug woven into the Potala Palace of Tibet.

Cafe Tibet-Brooklyn-Ditmas Park-Cortelyou Road Subway Station-NYC-004Cafe Tibet, built onto the side of a building atop the subway platform

The food is delicious with traditional Tibetan soups, street snacks, curry and noodles, and some dishes come with a side of rice or steamed Tibetan bread called Tingma. For refreshment, order Lassi or various uniquely flavored teas, like peanut butter (!), salted butter tea, or honey ginger lemon.

Cafe Tibet-Brooklyn-Ditmas Park-Cortelyou Road Subway Station-NYC-002

Cafe Tibet is located at 1510 Cortelyou Road. While there, Prospect Park is nearby–read up on 12 secrets of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Get in touch with the author @untappedmich.

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