National Arts Club Dome-Gramercy Park-Private Club-NYCPhoto by Corey William Schneider/NY Adventure Club

The National Arts Club is one of those stately private clubs, designed by Calvert Vaux, one of the designers of Central Park and John LaFarge. For a refresher look at photographs inside this Gilded Age club, see our previous tour inside here. It was LaFarge who created the stained glass windows for the building, which was a combination of two existing brownstones, and the amazingly named Donald McDonald, who created an impressive stained glass dome for the structure. Recently, the New York Adventure Club gained access to the space above the dome during a tour.

As founder Corey Schneider tells us “It was behind an inconspicuous little door — who knew! What I found most interesting is that this area of building was 4-story skylight until an apartment was built right above the dome.” Here’s what the dome looks like from below:

Visit the club yourself by attending their gallery shows, becoming a member, or being a member of a sister club like the Salmagundi Art Club.
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