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On Monday evening, 25 lucky Untapped Cities readers attended the launch of our Behind the Scenes NYC Tour Series in partnership with the NYCEDC, in a tour of the Brooklyn Kings Theatre. Led by Matt Wolf, Executive Director of Kings Theatre, Christina DeRose, Senior Vice President at NYCEDC and Charley Macgrew, Director of Marketing at Kings Theatre, guests were given an insider perspective on the multi-year restoration. While walking through the space, we were struck by the number of lesser-known secrets of the theater, one of the opulent Loew’s Wonder Theatres.

1. There Used to be Basketball Court and League in the Basement

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Flatbush was once one of the premier entertainment destinations in Brooklyn, and the revitalization of the neighborhood is one of the goals from the NYCEDC with the re-opening of the Kings Theatre. At its peak, there were a number of theaters in this area and the proper appearance of the staff was tantamount. The basements of the theaters became de-facto workout areas and an inter-theater basketball league was created. As a result, there was once a basketball court in the basement of the Kings Theatre, a space that is now bathrooms and other facilities.

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One thought on “The Top 10 Secrets of the Brooklyn Kings Theatre

  1. Some other trivia about the Kings , the original water supply was from a water main which connected the theater with the Connecticut River.
    When the theater was operated by Loew’s, the manager (Dorothy Panzeca…sorry if I got the spelling wrong) Would also market the movies in very clever ways. For ”Rosemary’s Baby”, there was a black baby carriage shrouded with black sheets near the interior box office. For Bob,Carol,Ted and Alice.. there were 4 mannequins in a bed in the window of the bedding store across the street! That one created a big stir and laugh in the neighborhood..I remember one of my neighbors was appalled, but the kids thought it was funny.

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