Here were the 5 most popular articles on Untapped Cities this past week:

1. Fun Maps: The Abandoned Subway Stations and Lost Subway Lines of NYC

We expounded on a map from WNYC on the abandoned subway stations and never built lines in New York City.

2. The Underground City Beneath the U.S Capitol and Library of Congress

Below the streets of Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill is a subway system just for Congress workers and a veritable underground city.

3. Urban Exploration Atop Hell Gate Bridge in NYC

Hell Bridge-East River-Urban Exploration-Bronx-NYC-5Photo by @hakimms

An urban explorer in New York City scales Hell Gate Bridge, one of the more imposing but oft-forgotten of the city’s bridges, a model for the Sydney Harbour bridge.

4. The Top 12 Secrets of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

Prospect Park Boathouse-Brooklyn-NYC-Untapped CitiesProspect Park. Photo by gigi_nyc 

Prospect Park is not without its fascinating fun facts and secret spots.

5. The Top 10 Secrets of Grand Central Terminal

10 secrets of the uber-famous Grand Central Terminal. Guess what’s wrong with this ceiling?