In the Echo Vault. Photo by f/11.

We know you guys love to read about New York City’s abandoned subway stations, reveling most recently in a Fun Map of these subterranean fascinations. But what about subway stations that were built but never used? An article today about from Second Avenue Sagas about the 7 line extension station at Hudson Yards, awaiting passengers as the rest of the mega development is completed, reminded us of these. Here are 5 never completed or barely used subway stations in New York City:

5. The 63rd Street Tunnel

Second Avenue Subway_Untapped Cities_Lexington Avenue_63rd St
The tunnel here, previously unused, will soon come to life with the opening of the Second Avenue Subway. Long separated from public view by a wall, we had the opportunity to traverse that wall in 2012 to get a glimpse into the construction of the Second Avenue Subway line. At the time, that tunnel was being retrofitted for a connection to the Q line. Previously, the tracks were used to store out-of-service trains.