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We were just sitting here, working out of Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in the Lower East Side when a lamb came running by. If you weren’t paying attention, it might seem like a furry dog running alongside a jogger, peering into the local boutique, and sitting on the lap of  a happy lady at Dudley’s Cafe. This particular lamb made the news earlier this month when the NY Post wrote about the lamb’s visit to restaurant Five Leaves in Greenpoint. Recently its been making its mark downtown.

Speaking to its temporary caretaker, the lamb was abandoned on a farm and they’ve been taking care of it temporarily. We hope it keeps slipping under the radar because it is definitely one of the “Prohibited Animals” under NYC Health Code Section 161.01 categorized under “even-toed ungulates.”

Lamb-Sheep-Pet NYC--Lower East Side-Dudleys Cafe-Irving Farm Coffee Roasters-NYC-2

File this under of the more fun Daily What’s we’ve done.

Next, read about the sheep that once dotted Prospect Park and Central Park. Get in touch with the author @untappedmich.

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