2. Bastille

Place de la Bastille

Step back in time and learn a bit about French history at Bastille station. The walls were decorated in 1989 by Liliane Belembert and Odile Jacquot to celebrate the bicentenary of the French Revolution. Standing on the platform, you can see the five frescoes depicting historic French scenes – almost like something out of a museum. Bastille is famously the site where the prison was stormed on 14th July, marking the start of the French Revolution. Hop off at this station if you want to see the Bastille Basin, too, a charming little boat basin linking Canal Saint-Martin to the River Seine.

1. Arts et Metiers

You definitely won’t have seen anything like this station before! Vaulted and clad completely in copper, the Arts et Metiers station was designed to feel like a submarine, complete with portholes and exposed bolts. The Arts et Metiers (Art and Craft Museum), just above contains some of the most fascinating displays of technological evolution, including vintage cars and planes, as well as Foucault’s pendulum. The Arts et Metiers station, whose redesign was based on the writing of French novelist and adventurist Jules Verne, is a great reflection of the museum itself – leading you into the wonderful world of artistic creation and invention.
It’s safe to say that if you depart on an art tour of Paris you’ll be just as likely to find inspiration from what’s below ground as what’s above. As you go from one iconic Paris museum to the other, make sure you go by Paris transport and you’ll see some real authentic art and architecture as you go. Celebrate the old and the new from original Art Nouveau structures at Abbesses, to symbolic displays of the French Revolution at Concorde and Bastille, an event ingrained in Parisian culture and history. Take the time to discover the beauty of the Paris underground–it offers so much more than just stations!
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