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In our monthly showcase, Untapped Cities Street Art Columnist Christopher Inoa highlights the top five New York City graffiti and street art pieces found on the city’s walls, rooftops and tunnels. 

The cold of winter is finally behind us. Spring is returning to New York City and that means more art can be found on the streets. Goodbye big heavy coats and hello galleries and murals. Some of you may be rusty because you’ve been inside all winter, but the artists featured here kept working during the unpredictable weather this month. Here are five pieces of extraordinary art from some of NYC’s most popular graffiti and street artists, all waiting to be found and Instagrammed. 

5. City Kitty at 190 Bowery

City Kitty-Streey Art-Untapped Cities-LES-NYC-GraffitiCity Kitty (The Dusty Rebel via Instagram)

New York City street artist City Kitty, like many of us, is saddened by the news that 190 Bowery was sold last month. The building formerly owned by photographer Jay Maisel was famous for being one of the few buildings in the city where artists could leave their work without fear of it being removed by the owner. City Kitty has left many hand-painted, handmade works on the building, but this one has a strong, clear message.

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