Queensboro Bridge-Hakimms-Urban Exploration-NYC-2Atop the Queensboro Bridge. Photo by @hakimms

Bridges have always been popular amongst New York City’s urban explorers, but the recent frequency of expeditions is noteworthy, and has even caught the eye of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. Urban exploration has became a rite of passage of sorts for certain New York teenagers and Instagram has given them an outlet for creative expression, along with the fame associated with such public declarations. The arrest of @Demidism for his photo atop the construction of 432 Park, seems to have only encouraged more to emerge.

While some explorers continue to leave email contact information in their Instagram profiles, others are far more careful, routing their postings through different IP addresses, like a young explorer we spoke to. These urban explorers are young, tech savvy and media aware–a new evolution of urban explorers.

Queensboro Bridge-Hakimms-Urban Exploration-NYCPhoto by @hakimms

@hakimms, who shared with us his series of photos atop Hell Gate Bridge also recently made the climb up the Queensboro Bridge (ahem, the Edward I. Koch Bridge). The photos, posted a day to Instagram the day before , who has also been in the news for his explorations up the Queensboro Bridge. Is @hakimms the “accomplice” to @icarus_nyc mentioned mentioned in the Animal NY article? Either way, @hakimms had some appreciation for his own personal safety, telling us that he only had a few photographs “due to the wind.”

Here are the photos of the Queensboro Bridge from @icarus_nyc:

Queensboro Bridge-Urban Exploration-Icarus NYC-2

Queensboro Bridge-Urban Exploration-Icarus NYC

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3 thoughts on “Urban Exploration Atop NYC’s Queensboro Bridge [Photos]

  1. When one of these fools gets killed, they will learn that they are endangering
    their lives and anyone sent to rescue them. Publishing the photos only encourages
    illegal activities.

    1. Are these actions dangerous? Of course they are. However, people have been doing this before Instagram, sites like this one and even the Internet. Here at Untapped, we do not encourage others to perform illegal actions that may cause harm, however this is a news site, one whose mission is to cover historic and current trends in New York City. The urban exploring or “urbex” is a trend, one that has grown, yes, through the Internet. But as a New York City centric website, it is our job to speak about these trends, legal or otherwise. Ignoring it would conflict with our image as the press and as a outlet for people living both in and out of NYC to see and discover what is going on in our city.

    2. By publishing these photographs, we are covering newsworthy events. We are neither condoning the photographer’s actions nor providing step by step instructions for the general public to follow if they desired to retrace the photographer’s footsteps. Journalistic integrity requires achieving the balance that Christopher clearly indicated we are hoping to achieve.

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