NYC The Manhattan Bridge-Eric Rosner-IllustrationThe Manhattan Bridge under construction by Eric Rosner

You might recognize Eric Rosner‘s illustrated work from his street art on the walls of New York City. Using ink marker, Rosner has a sketch style that brings a vitality to New York City’s architecture–the buildings seem to emerge and flow upwards from the activity that one imagines was in the streets during the Gilded Age. Our knowledge of that time period, of which Rosner has a penchant for, comes from the staid, black and white vintage photography so oft-circulated. While those images are beautiful, they don’t always capture the hustle and bustle that characterized this particular era–the first skyscrapers, technological advancement, and the rise and fall of great fortunes.

NYC Madison Square Park-Garden-Stanford White-Eric Rosner-IllustrationThe second Madison Square Garden by architect Stanford White (where he was murdered)

Rosner says:

“I get lost in the moment when a piece comes to life. You find yourself thinking of all the people who have graced the these grand Metropolises and these buildings have housed them all. Whether it was epic business transaction, stunning scientific discoveries or grand entertainment showcasing, the city of New York has a unique tale of histories. With my artwork, I hope you can conjure a stunning time period over a century ago when the imagination ran wild and magnificent structures soared to the sky.”

As he tells us, he’s also fascinated both by the grand buildings that are no longer with us and those that are still standing amidst newer architecture. Scroll down to see more of Rosner’s work:

NYC The Times Building Times Square-Eric Rosner-IllustrationThe Times Building at One Times Square, still there–empty and very profitable

NYC Old Post Office-City Hall-Eric Rosner-IllustrationThe old Post Office at City Hall, demolished

NYC The Puck Building-Eric Rosner-IllustrationThe Puck Building

NYC Penn Station-Eric Rosner-IllustrationThe original Penn Station

NYC Temple Court-5 Beekman-Eric Rosner-IllustrationTemple Court, 5 Beekman Place–now being turned into condos

NYC Grand Central-Eric Rosner-IllustrationGrand Central Terminal, view from Park Avenue

NYC The Breslin Hotel-Eric Rosner-IllustrationThe Breslin Hotel

See Eric Rosner’s website for prints available for purchase.

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