Belmont, a neighborhood in The Bronx, is home to a number of Italian-owned family business including a number of bakeries located on East 187th Street.

If you’re in The Bronx, take a trip to the neighborhood of Belmont. Known to many residents as “The Little Italy of The Bronx,”the neighborhood is teeming with thriving Italian family owned businesses that date back to the early years of the 20th century. Some of the businesses located in Little Italy include delis, butchers, pizzerias, restaurants, and a retail market.

If you take a walk down East 187th Street, you will find a myriad of bakeries detailed in our guide below. In some regards, East 187th Street could be considered as the neighborhood’s “Baker’s Row.”

6. Artuso Pastry Shop

Artuso Pastry Shop was established by Vincent F. Artuso Sr. as an intrepid business venture in 1946. An Italian immigrant who honed his skills as a pastry chef by working at Spangnuolo’s Pastry Shop, Artuso purchased the shop and renamed it after his family’s surname. Artuso’s diligence and dedication to the culinary profession can be traced to his son, Anthony J. Artuso Sr., who co-owns to bakery with his sons. In 1996, one of the streets that Artuso Pastry Shop is located on was renamed Vincent F. Artuso, Sr. Way.

When you step inside, you will be greeted by the pleasant aroma of baked goods, as well as a variety of treats encased in the shop’s glass counter. Some of Artuso’s most notable baked goods include vanilla custard cake, strawberry ribbon cake, French napoleon pastries, eclairs with vanilla custard, macaroon pastries and pignoli cookies.

If you observe the exterior of Artuso Pastry Shop, you will have an intimate look at the pastry shop’s longstanding origins. On the left side of the store’s facade, you will find an enlarged wedding portrait of Vincent Artuso Sr. and his wife, Betty. Another memorable portrait on the bakery’s facade depicts Vincent Artuso Sr. and Betty standing among a crew of employees during the bakery’s early years. Artuso Pastry Shop is located on 670 East 187th Street.