Dublin-Street Art-Ban Fur Farms-PETA-Ireland-UK

PETA has been leveraging the power of street art recently, particularly in the United Kingdom. After chicken feet starting appearing all over London by New York City street artist Dan Witz, the latest is a guerrilla installation of donated furs, adapted into animal shapes around Dublin. This installation is by street artist Solus using fur coats from those who have changed their mind about the fur industry. Accompanying each piece is a sticker that leads to BanFurFarms.net, where they can join a growing list of over 30,000 people calling on Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine to ban fur farms. Says Solus, “Re-shaping the fur coats into animals is a way to remind us of the life it that once inhabited those garments.”

Dublin-Street Art-Ban Fur Farms-PETA-Ireland-UK-2

Dublin-Street Art-Ban Fur Farms-PETA-Ireland-UK-5

Dublin-Street Art-Ban Fur Farms-PETA-Ireland-UK-4

Dublin-Street Art-Ban Fur Farms-PETA-Ireland-UK-3

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