Hello Kitty (or Pop Art) lovers rejoice! A 9-foot Hello Kitty Time Capsule is coming to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (a public space familiar to large scale art) from April 29th to September 13th, a project by Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda. Called the “Time After Time Capsule,” the translucent sculpture will collect people’s memories, termed “kawaii,” which Masuda describes as “objects and feelings uniquely personalized by each individual. Kawaii is what you make of it. Bringing the sculptures together into a greater whole, as intended with this project, we hope to create a treasure trove of your cherished items and store them in these larger-than-life time capsules.” In fact, the time capsules will be installed in numerous cities over the next five years and displayed as one massive sculpture at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Fundraising for the project is taking place on Kickstarter, but the Hello Kitty Time Capsule, made especially for New York City, is definitely coming on April 29th. There will be an official time capsule ceremony on May 3rd at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, just around the corner from the Japan Society, which is assisting Masuda bring Time After Time Capsule to New York amidst its own exhibition, “Life of Cats.” Also on the 29th is the 2015 Japan Society Gallery Benefit Auction, which will feature some of Masuda’s other works.

Japan Society director and curator Miwako Tezuka tells the New York Observer, “Do not underestimate the power of kawaii! Scholars and critics often shun the use of adjective ‘cute’ to describe art, but the Japanese have never shied away from cuteness as part of aesthetic spectrum.”

Here’s the Kickstarter video, which shows the event in Miami (with a non Hello-Kitty sculpture):

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