On the cover of this special new issue of The New York Times Magazine is a massive JR street art piece on the pedestrianized Flatiron Plaza next to Madison Square Park photographed from a helicopter. The wheat pasted image of a man (recent Brooklyn immigrant Elmar Aliyev from Azerbaijan) walking, made of 62 large strips of printed paper, was tweeted out by Jake Silverstein, editor in chief of the magazine, this morning.

The New York Times worked with JR to photograph 14 other recent immigrants, as they walked the streets of Nolita. They’re now pasted across all 5 boroughs and the Times encourage people to look for them. Here’s our expedition photographing all of them.

The JR work follows a flurry of pieces in New York City over the last couple years, from the Inside Out Project in Times Square, at Fordham University, Unframed Ellis Island in the abandoned hospitals and a project at the New York City Ballet. There’s also a lesser known work in the Elizabeth Street Garden in Nolita.